Yes, it sounds like a sweet fable when we tell you about how this name “Hamfoo’s” was coined, but we assure to bring you to reality with our pizzalicious pizzas in just a “SLICE” of it. A Pizza Slice, for you to have a selection and taste of our varied pizzas lined-up with different toppings. Hamfoo’s pizza is a restaurant founded by Mr. Mansukh Lal Kacha a pizza lover with Decade of experience in the pizza world. His business practices in this field, dealing with multifarious needs of varied customers for pizzas has bestowed him with accountable knowledge of understanding the customers expectations and fulfilling their desires by delivering fresh pizzas made out of fresh dough. To transcend this further and effectuate people who are pukka food lovers, giving a taste of pizza which people have “never tried before” and a place where people have “never been before”, Mr.Hiten Kacha stems the fountain-head of Hamfoo’s pizza in Ahmedabad.



At Hamfoo’s Pizza, we just don’t make fresh pizzas and deliver or serve to our customer's. Of course, our pizzas would attain them with sheer Hunger and Taste satisfaction. But just like our pizzas pronounced toppings, we too want to leave a topping of a feeling for our customers. By cheerfully treating our customers for the relishing TREAT we want them to grow fond of US in terms of carrying our Hygiene practices towards the formation of making pizzas as well as grow fond of our Pizzas in terms of the Quality and the Variety. We hope that the staff’s affability, courteousness and the Ambience at Hamfoo’s pizza, give you’ll a salubrious amity and a company as such that you wouldn’t bother to even come alone. We would be delighted to have your concern, opinions, reviews or feedback on info@hamfoospizza.com